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Culinary Training Program

Culinary Program

The BCCC Culinary training program

is a 40-week apprenticeship-based model that provides participants with the skills to succeed in culinary careers.

  • 12 participants per team
  • 48 participants per year
  • Participants receive stipends of $11/hour, 24 hours a week after 1 -week orientation
  • 4, 10-week semesters
  • 10-weeks of intensive, classroom-based and hands-on training
  • 20-weeks of in-house apprenticeship training as participants operate on-site eatery, café, and bakery under the guidance of seasoned professionals and supplemented by position-specific workshops conducted by industry professionals
  • 10-week externship opportunities with food-service industry partners across the city
  • All participants will conduct a 1-week community project to address public health in Brownsville
  • All participants will be trained in the requirements of the NYC Department of Health Food Handler’s License
  • Multiple field visits acquaint participants with the spectrum of culinary-based job opportunities in NYC
  • Comprehensive life-skills workshops provide participants with training in financial literacy, personal budgeting, time management, and job-readiness skills
  • Dedicated Support Services/Social Work staff members focus exclusively on connecting participants with resources to navigate barriers to employment and quality of life
The BCCC will continue to offer its supportive services after completion of the training program.