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Dear Friends and Family -

The BCCC would like to share the news - Collective Fare, located at The BCCC, is getting healthy, prepared foods to those in need during the coronavirus pandemic, prepared in our DOH-certified facility at 69 Belmont Avenue. Collective Fare is receiving donations of food which it is preparing and donating, free-of-charge, to homebound seniors, elder care facilities, dialysis centers, and family shelters. Please consider helping out in this time of crisis. For those who can afford it, there are a number of low-cost meal plans that feed individuals and families of up to 4 members for a day up to a week- we deliver. For those who are especially fortunate, by visiting Collective Fare's website collectivefare.com, you can donate the prepared meals to families in need. Stay safe and stay healthy as we work to end this pandemic - but don't stay hungry - visit collectivefare.com and let's solve this together.

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meals for all -- collectivefare.com

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