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The staff at the BCCC and the MPF US represent a broad spectrum of experience and training. Bound by a passionate commitment to our shared mission, each staff member contributes a unique perspective to build, refine, articulate and execute our vision.

Philip Hoffman
executive director
NYC restaurateur (Nick and Eddie, Downtown, The New French + 4 others). Founder of FoodSwing Inc. national private labor co-packer. Founder of The Saucelab Inc. a food manufacturing consultancy. Co-Founder of Pumphouse Wines. Co-Founder of Supercrown Coffee Roasters (Brooklyn). Life skills and culinary volunteer Rikers Island prison. Philip’s grandparents landed in Brownsville in 1921 and his father was born in Brownsville in 1925. Philip brings 35 years of restaurant and food entrepreneurial experience to The Melting Pot Foundation.
Rodney Frazer
chef educator
Rodney Frazer has an extensive career in the foodservice industry as an executive chef and operations manager and has more than 27 years of experience in the industry both as a business owner and employee to many restaurants and hotels throughout his time. In 2007, Rodney developed a joint venture program with The Department of Justice, Forsyth Community College and Rodney’s own company, The VineCatering in Winston-Salem, N.C. The intensive 7-week job training and transition program, in which Rodney himself served as Culinary Director, Instructor and Mentor, not only provided inmates with viable life skills, but assisted them with rejoining the workforce post-incarceration. In 2012, Femi Rodney's New York venture started when he became Chef and Operations Manager with the B+C Reastaurant Group, a very successful restaurant group located in Brooklyn, New York. Rodney is responsible for the seamless management of their catering service and three out of five of their restaurants, including Peaches Hothouse. Peaches Hothouse, best known for its exceptional southern comfort food. Rodney joins the BCCC as Chef Educator.
Lucas Denton
co-founder | content director
Lucas is the cofounder of the Brownsville Community Culinary Center. Lucas has had a diverse career, working as a forester, a researcher for the New York City Commission on Human Rights, as a Union Ironworker at the World Trade Center, and in a variety of culinary positions, from dishwasher to line cook. Most closely informing his work in Brownsville has been the 10 years of experience Lucas has offered as a volunteer. Serving in capacities ranging from mentor to outreach to organizational development, Lucas has worked with organizations combating substance abuse and alcoholism, harm reduction organizations and needle exchanges, with street outreach programs providing services for the homeless, as a literacy educator, and with the Left Forum. Lucas has worked with the Brownsville community over the past two years developing a comprehensive approach to addressing the needs of the community through the Brownsville Community Culinary Center. Lucas now serves as the Director of Content for The Melting Pot Foundation US.
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